BAES STUDIO was founded in 2018 by designer and architect Rasmus Baes.

The studio engages in a wide range of commercial and residential design development, creating design objects, furniture and interiors.

These aspects of BAES STUDIO’s work are direct, spatial and characterized by a clear aesthetic approach.

BAES STUDIO’s designs embody a clear understanding of form and function, reducing the designs to its very essence and original form, while simultaneously working with prototyping and contemporary industrial methods.

The designs reveal a complex work of relevant objects, challenging the preconception of straightforward design, giving BAES STUDIO it’s distinctive modern elegance.


Rasmus Baes has worked with furniture and interior design since 2012, after graduation from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture.

He worked at internationally renowned architecture and design firm BozarthFornell in Stockholm and Space Copenhagen.

The offices are best known for their wide range of works within the field of architecture and furniture design, mainly focusing on fashion retail and hospitality.

Since establishing BAES STUDIO, based in Copenhagen, the studio is currently involved in developing a series of furniture and objects.

All items are made to order. Price on request.